Yalitza bitch

Yalitza Beyotch

Yalitza Beyotch is one of the first sims seen in AndrewArcade's(previously HeadbuttArcade) Let's Plays . She is one of only two sims - original or otherwise - who doesn't find love(the other being Paris). She lived into old age and perished from it in the Generations Let's Play .

Yalitza was a member of the Banana household, along with Lara Croft, Sniper RedDouche Bag (also known as D-Bag, real name Vector Truimphant), Paris Hilton and Sookie Stackhouse. This household later expanded to include Douche Bag's wife - the maid Kate Pistachio - and the child of Lara and Sniper, Scout.

Life of Yalitza Edit

Yalitza started her Let's Play life as a simple background character, the so titled "Bitch of the Family" (often described as being "Pretty pissed")  who spent her days stealing from various houses around Sunset Valley - where she resided - as well as the Sunset Institute of Modern Art . As it was, Yalitza was a criminal by trade, so her kleptomania was not degraded. If anything, her independant theft outwith her work was almost a steady income for the household in itself. During her stay in Sunset Valley, she was arrested twice for her criminal activities by a police woman by the name of Tia Rose . In these instances, she made some friends amongst the fellow inmates and - the second time - had a grape seed confiscated.

Given onscreen appearances, she seemed to have remained a Cat-purse criminal for the duration of her stay in Sunset Valley. 

Within this stay, Yalitza lost a housemate when Paris Hilton was forcefully drowned by being barricading in a pool, having outlived her usefulness. Instead of the typical reaction of an Evil sim - which is laughter -,Yalitza cried at the loss and observed a period of mourning for two days, despite playing in the sprinklers in "The Garden of Death" immediately after the Grim Reaper had left. Throughout those two days, she had little will to do anything. It can therefore be assumed that when the ghost of Paris was restored that Yalitza was somewhat relieved and joyous.

After suffering identity theft and poverty(Andrew had mods installed which corrupted when he attempted to install World Adventures ), Yalitza -now Banana instead of Beyotch for reasons unknown- and the rest of the family were forced to move to Riverview , destined to reside in a trailer home. Paris, Kate and Douche Dag were left behind. At some point during the move, Yalitza acquired a new, shorter haircut and a recoloured outfit. While Sniper and his family were off in Al Simhara , she had time to relfect on her past and decide what she was going to do with her future. She determined that she was going to go to Shang Simla and reinvent herself. 

It was while she was in Shang Simla that Yalitza embraced the native martial art (which strongly resembles Black Tiger Kung Fu ). She took to it immediately and would later master it in her second trip, reaching level ten and acquiring a black and gold belt . In addition to this, she also investigated the tomb beneath the Halls of the Lost Army - among others -,collected rare items and sampled the local cuisine. She had the closest thing she ever had to romance while staying in Shang Simla with another tourist and adventurer, a sim from Champs Les Sims whose name was Laurant Durand . This was only a - extremely - short fling and had no future.

She followed her housemates on further vacations to Al Simhara, Shang Simla and Champs Les Sims after her initial trip. It was during these that she mastered her martial arts abilities, gained the mystical Pangu's Axe and experienced camping. 

At some point after the Banana household's documented travels, they were reunited with the Bag Family - now including teenage daughter Shirley - and later Paris, who was now in the form of a Simbot. They were also introduced to Bill Compton.

Yalitza - along with her companions and household members - relocated to Bridgeport after this renewal of friendships.


Yalitza has been theorized to be either Asian or Latina, as her features do not obviously betray any particular ethnicity. 

She possess extremely dark brown hair which surrounds a very soft, wide oval shaped face. Her eyes are lengthy but thin and are grey in colour.She has a thin, elegant nose and wide, thick lips. Her skin is somewhat tan and she wears make-up of some description. 

Her clothes consists of a short dress which is either a white blouse and black skirt with a red belt or - originally - a red blouse with a black skirt.


Yalitza's traits are Insane , Hot-Headed , Evil, Hopeless Romantic and Kleptomaniac.                                            Her favourite colour is black, her favourite music is classical and her favourite food is grilled cheese. 


Items Yalitza Stole:Edit

Kennedy Household :Edit

  • Two ceiling lamps
  • A floor lamp
  • A dresser 
  • A mirror
  • An alarm clock
  • A beside cabinet 
  • A kitchen cabinet

Crumplebottom Household :Edit

  • A car (Bwan Speedster YL)
  • An armchair
  • An outdoor floor lamp
  • ceiling lamp

28 Hour Wellness Gym :Edit

  • A flat-screen television
  • An excerise machine
  • A ceiling lamp

Sunset Insitution of Modern Art:Edit

  • A ceiling lamp

Phoenix Academy of Martial Arts :Edit

  • Sheng Hai Training Dummy
  • Board Breaker

Scout Red(Toddler):Edit

  • Candy

Bedroom Styles:Edit

Sunset Valley (Redwood Parkway 180 Redwood Parkway ):Edit

Ø r Essentially a basic red bedroom consisting red painted walls and duvet covers on a cheap, metal framed double bed with a simple lamp and a brown carpet. 


A underground room which was very dungeon-like. It consisted of oriental redwood furniture and ceiling lanterns.