Kate Pistachio  is one of the premade maids available for hire in Sunset Valley. She has brown hair with blonde roots implying that she dyed her hair. Kate Pistachio is one of the first sims seen in AndrewArcade's(previously HeadbuttArcade) Let's Plays. She lived into old age and perished from it in the Generations Let's Play .

She does not live on one of the lots in town, so in order to play her one must have their Sim ask her to move in or marry her. It's not recommended for a Sim to hire her, since she is a Kleptomaniac , and she can steal things from the house if no one is around. 

Kate was a member of the Banana household, along with Lara CroftSniper RedDouche Bag (also known as D-Bag, real name Vector Truimphant), Paris Hilton and Sookie Stackhouse. This household later expanded to include the child of Lara and Sniper, Scout.

Life of Kate Edit